...The unexperted Bourgogne gates!

In Champlitte, as in Charcenne, a pretty village between Saône and Ognon, the Franche-Comté wines, white, red and rosé, respond to the heady notes of the wines of nearby Bourgogne.

Between both, you can stop or stop at Gray and visit its upper town. This city is a natural stopover for cycle tourists who cycle through the Échappée Bleue (cycle route), 140 km along the Petite Saône, and for boaters in transit.

Several boat rental bases distributed along the river provide access to this paradise of river tourism, with its unusual episodes, such as crossing the underground tunnel of Saint-Albin, or grandiose moments, such as the passage to the plumb of the castle of Ray-sur-Saône. The latter overlooks the valley and welcomes visitors (by booking) to explore its English park and refined interiors.

A little further north in Port-sur-Saône, which commands access to the pretty towns of Jussey, Faverney and Vauvillers, it is recommended to "drop anchor"  to visit Vesoul, its old town, the painted works and sculpted by the great artist Jean-Léon Gérôme, the hill and chapel of Notre Dame de la Motte ...

Do not hesitate ! The whole of the Val de Saône is streaming with heritage treasures: churches, fountains, washhouses, altarpieces, Comtois bell towers with glazed and colored tiles. A real treasure hunt, which can also be carried on walking, by hiking on the Via Francigena, a medieval pilgrimage path, which connects Canterbury to Rome or by strolling on the banks of the Saône where you also meet many fishermen. .